Endodontics is one of the fastest-growing disciplines in daily clinical practice, whereas contemporary endodontics involves the introduction of many new instruments, materials and techniques. Root canal treatment is technically demanding and it fails when treatment falls short of acceptable standards. In an effort to provide patients with most recent and predictable treatment planning, clinicians must be well informed about the outcome of endodontic treatment. It is important to acknowledge that outcome of root canal treatment is dependent not only on specific factors like root canal infection, complexity of root canal morphology, but is also very much influenced by less specific, more distinct causes such as dentist’s skills and attitudes.

What to Expect from this Workshop …. ?

Endodontics is the bread & butter of dentistry with most of the patients walking into the clinics these days requiring this therapy to preserve their teeth as opposed to the earlier extraction practice followed by older dental surgeons. Today most patients can afford Endodontic treatment and are willing to pay for good work and this Skill enhancement programme will help you iron out all the imperfections in your day to day endodontic procedures and help you use endodontics as a practice builder and increase your daily Patient inflow and patient satisfaction.

Extensive Hands-on Exercises

Hands-on exercises form a major part of this work shop apart from easy to follow lectures and step by step instructions. This endo Skill enhancement programme is in fact the beginning of a long term connection with your mentor Dr. Rajesh Iyer

Clinical Demonstrations

Clinical demonstrations are conducted whenever possible to give participants a snapshot of the complete execution of a single sitting endodontic therapy case under the microscope.