Orthodontics Skill Enhancement Programmes FAQ’s

This Skill enhancement programme will teach you to correct mild to moderate cases of malocclusion and will sharpen youre diagnosis & treatment planning capability so you’ll know which cases you can handle and which cases should be given to your orthodontist.

You will be allotted one patient who's treatment you will complete start to finish plus you will get to handle a lot of mid treatment and finishing stages cases.

Definitely once you join the Skill enhancement programme you will become a permanent member of our ortho whatsapp group and continue to get guidance as long as you ask for it.

No problem, but you will have to inform in advance as patients are prepared per participant registration & you will have to approve & finish pre treatment work for he patient including theraputic extraction (If required).

We humbly request you to try and attend each module. However if you do have to miss a module due to unavoidable circumstances you can make up by attending any of the future modules that you have missed with the junior batches.

For Registration & Upcoming Programmes Dates Details Contact:

Co-ordinator Jovitha D'souza :(+91) 9320645670