Thank you So much sir! I never knew Orthodontics could be so interesting ,you cleared a lot of my doubts and inhibitions. I am a much enlightened person today and am sure that I will be able to practice what ever I learned. Thank you sir for opening up this new Dimension in dentistry for me.
Dr. Shubhani Mehta
Sir...You came highly recommended to me by my colleagues and that's why i decided to fly all the way from Dubai to attend your skill enhancement programme and let me proudly say that it was worth every moment. Thankyou sir!! the wisdom you imparted will benefit my practice for a lifetime !!
Dr. Rashma Sheik


Dr. Rajeev chitguppi is best mentor I have ever met and this course designed by sir is solution to all major minor problem we encounter while making the treatment plan ...This course, which focus on smile design from facial point of view not only teeth point of view is must before you plan any smile design.
Dr. Sumit Firke
The workshop was amazing The topics of the course were explained and arranged in a very beautiful manner so that the concepts will be clear and understandable.whatever theoretical was taught had a practical base and vice a versa. This course changed my perception towards SMILE DESIGNING, PERIODONTICS AND DENTISTRY all together.
Dr. Rashma Sheik
Amazing course for those who want to do smile designing without any exotic software. Nicely designed by Rajeev sir... Very simple, clinically oriented & cost effective way to treatment plan any aesthetic case.
Dr. Vishank Shah


Heartfelt Thanks & to Isaac's & Vinod's Global Dental Academy and a special Thanks to Dr.Kapil Mahajan for introducing a senior practitioner like me into the world of Implants.I realised that age is definitely no bar to learning and imbibing new skills!!!
Dr. Ashok Kalra


It was really an enlightening & interactive session which made me realise the errors i was making in my day to day endodontic procedures. This programme has motivated me to do better endodontics & I'll be for-ever indebted to Dr.Rajesh Iyer for showing me the light. Thank you sir!!
Dr. Soumya Singh Rana
The programme was fantastic and the way it was presented too!! I learned newer systems which i am now confident to employ in my practice.
Dr. Pradniya Patil
This course came highly recommended by a colleague of mine and now i know why.All my doubts and fears that i had regarding rotary endodontics have been cleared and explained in such a simple and manner. I am now not only sure but confident that I will be able to do better endodontics for my patients in the clinic. Thank you Dr.Rajesh Iyer for this wonderful enlightenment.
Dr. Samiksha R. Patil